Episode 4,5,and6 of ds106zone LoDown

I got behind on listening to the radio and wish that I hadn’t. I could have used these tips about the blogs and the weekly summary when they were being given out, instead of 3 days later. These episodes taught me to keep up. Well, everything is teaching to be keep up. Professor Groom, you were not kidding when you tried to scare us away in the beginning of the week. I think I am hanging on with dear life.


Episode 3 of ds106zone LoDown

I really don’t like the name AudioBoo.. but I am sure the app is great. Most of what I got from this was the idea that the iphone sound is pretty equivalent to the soundcloud posts from the past posts. I am wondering if he uses the head phones on his iphone to record into the mouthpiece to reduce outside noise.. maybe I will comment and ask.

Episode 2 of the ds106zone lodown

The best part of this episode was the idea of using a mobile app device to record things. This made it seem like I might actually be able to do this because I have experience recording things with my phone. I also used a recording app on my ipad to record interviews for a research methods class last semester. I am excited try soundcloud too.

Episode 1 of #ds106zone LoDown

This first episode was more entertaining and humorous than it was informative. I was really interested in all that he was saying about the Saudi Arabia and their work week. I also realize that this is going to be a really good resource for the up and coming weeks and the audio assignments that we complete. I like that we can comment on these and get feedback from the radio show.


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