4 Lines, 5 Dots, 1 Curve

4 Lines, 5 Dots, 1 Curve

The assignment was to make something in a drawing program with 4 lines, 5 dots, and 1 curve. I did a baseball diamond using a free drawing program online.


We’ve Found Your Match

We've Found Your Match

The assignment was to find a celebrity look alike of one of your friends. I spent some time on facebook. And realized that my friend looks just like Jim Carey in the olden days. The resemblance is uncanny.

A Of My Favorite Things

This assignment was to use something from my workplace to show a few of my favorite things in an interesting way. This is the wall of beer taps at the bar. I used the four picture collage to slowly zoom in on my favorite of the beers. This way you could see which was my favorite, but also see that I enjoy craft beers and learning about microbreweries and beers from all over the world. beer

Larger than Life

Larger than Life

I used my coffee cut on the table and took a picture with my iphone from an above perspective to make it look really big. This is only partly to show creativity. The other part is showing the amount of coffee it is taking me to get through this class.



Talk about embarrassing yourself. I made the faces of all these emojis. I put them together on an photo collage app called fotor. This visual assignment said to do three emoji faces, but I seem to have gotten a little carried away. Not to mention, I did this in public. Made faces at my computer.. in a starbucks.

My Favorite Lyric

My Favorite Lyric

“its a sweet sweet life, livin’ by the salty sea”

I used my favorite Zac Brown Band Lyrics to describe this photo of myself doing a handstand on the beach. This was taken on the beach outside of my house when I was abroad in Africa during my junior year.

I put the photo into gimp and brightened the colors a bit and added the lyrics using the text tool.

Adventure In A Day

Adventure In A Day

The adventure in a day assignment was basically putting yourself into a background on the computer to make it look like you did something cool. And an extra star to do multiple pictures for to tell a story.

Sooo.. I did myself on a virtual roller coaster.. that malfunctioned and had me flying through the clouds… I ended up sad and having x rays!

Stars for this assignment: 4
Weekly accumulated: 4


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